Thursday, January 14, 2010


School has been interesting, at first the teachers would all start speaking Catalan until one of the international students asked for it to be taught in Castellano... At least they all agreed to teach in Castellano or else I wouldn't be able to keep up haha. It is already hard listening to a 3 hour lecture in Castellano for some reason I think it takes more out of me to think in Spanish but I'm getting better.

My teachers all seem very adept and know how to teach a class, it was nice. I'm excited to see what the malleable materials class is like! I heard that they design a soap brand at the end and actually make the soaps!

Today (Thursday) I don't have any class so I walked around and had 2 objectives. One was to find a bakery that sold warm fresh bread and another was to semi decorate my room, which included finding another US to Euro power adapter to connect the christmas lights I brought with me haha.

On my way to the electronic shop I saw a line of people waiting outside a tiny shop and sure enough it was a tiny bakery! Fresh bread checked off the list. fresh bread
Next the power adapter, again I found the ferreteria around the corner and checked that one off the list too.
I walked around for a bit after successfully completing my tasks while munching on my warm baguette:
circle windows?
It's still cloudy... but a bit warmer! almost 60!

And another photo, this is from yesterday, we walked to the beach and found a really cute cafe with cheap good food, the best "cafe con leche" I've had! I've been getting cappuccinos lately because they don't put any any foam on the lattes here. Another interesting thing I've noticed is that since the coffees are all basically tiny espresso shots, you don't see anyone walking around with a coffee cup! They take a break from whatever they are doing and actually stop to drink coffee! What an idea! haha

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