Sunday, March 14, 2010

angus and julia stone

I havn't posted any music on here before but Angus and Julia Stone have been a favorite band for a while and they just released a new album, "Down the Way" it's beautiful
Some other good songs from them: Mango Tree, Just a Boy, Hollywood
Check them out!


Between waiting hours and hours for a computer rendering to finish, waiting for the wax in the mold to dry, waiting an extra 3 minutes for the next metro or waiting for a very delayed flight to get here, patience is the only way to deal. I think it's harder for our generation too because we are so used to having everything be instant. But getting frustrated angry or upset won't help the situation one bit, so be patient, the time will come.

I am going to try to post one thing I learn each day. I realized that I have learned a lot of things but it's hard to keep track so I am going to try to post something each day, we'll see how it goes!

project in progress

project in progress
if you can't tell i fell in love with the jars yogurt comes in
in progess
I'm doing my last project for my design class on them, I'll post more when I'm done this is just a sneak peak! haha