Saturday, January 23, 2010

Street views

ham and cheese!
un bocadillo!
horse between McDonalds and KFC
a parade?
Randomly happened upon a parade! Still don't know what it was for

a trip to la boqueria

We went to a famous farmer's market today, it was so big they even gave us a map!
All I can say is wow you can get anything from apricots to fresh squid to passion fruit to chocolates to fresh bread. It was amazing and I managed to buy everything I wanted to less than 7 euros!
The entrance:
la boqueria!

passion fruit to go!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I still can't get over how crazy it feels to be walking around this ancient city
The map photos are from a local art museum that had a random section of ancient maps. I love looking at old maps it feels as though they were more meticulous in detailing the look of the city rather than documenting the actual street directions and sizes, just look at those ships on the water!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

pan y tarea

My first assignment while here in Spain! This is for the malleable materials class and we had to make positive/negative shapes with paper. It was funny though because after I spoke to my teacher about how I don't speak Catalan she reassured me in Castellano that I would be fine and handed me the syllabus and asked me if I could understand it. I looked at it and it was definitely in Catalan... when I told her that I couldn't read it she laughed because she hadn't noticed the difference! She had actually thought it was in Castellano! haa so silly
campaerial view
I'm really excited about this malleable materials class, we are working with wax and making molds and for the final we are designing a soap brand, packaging and all!
This was all created with the help of these deliciously fluffy little breads from the bakery across the way:

Cute things

How cute are these little flowers from emersonmade!

ya adorable