Thursday, June 24, 2010

So much camping research makes me want to go sleep in the forest! Wish I could've done some camping with my Papso for Father's day but maybe we could go in August?
And I'm missing warm summer weather... San Francisco has been in winter mode : /

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

friends & food

flower time
really entertained
so serious
dev's viewkittie on a leashso deliciousamazingthat is not water...
mama and baby bear
Last weekend was great, full of good friends and wonderful food. I finally got to see dev's new apartment (the view of the roottops is from her place!) and got to spend time with Sakura chan and some of her friends! We don't look too enthusiastic in the photos but I swear we had fun! haha We explored San Francisco and Berkeley a little, saw a kittie on a leash, made a delicious meal on Saturday night and got some great indian food with Sakura's sister on Sunday. Even went on a small adventure through golden gate park sunday afternoon with my roommate and his friends. All in all fun times!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello from San Francisco!

ideo visit
office space
chef dennis
I'm finally settling back into life here in San Francisco. Last week was design week and some of the big design firms opened their doors and served snacks and drinks, it was fun running into people from school and work and just hanging out. I've been biking a lot and really enjoying being outside, even though it's still not the warmest weather... I'm working on designing a bag for the chef pictured above which is going to be cool. The internship is going great (the photo of the plant is from the office) and I'm learning so much just from being in the studio. I'm going to try to keep posting pics and keep you up to speed with what I'm up to, so come back and check it out!


crepes!pretzel makingblue
Evan came down to visit a couple weekends ago and we went down to carmel to enjoy the sunshine and make yummy food with his family, check out the blue blue ocean!

Alite picnic!

picnicalite watermelon
Here are some photos from a picnic/photoshoot for the company I'm interning for! It's a ton of fun!