Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So this is yesterday:
snowing on las ramblas!
wet and cold creepy picture of me haha but look at the snow chunks!
then it rained
It's crazy because a week ago in my last post I was just saying how warm it had been I was even in a t shirt at the beach!! pssh I don't understand especially because this is today:
sun the next day?!
a healthy part of this complete breakfast
and a yummy breakfast!

So this is my last week of classes for the first trimester! Lots of work and not so much play but its almost spring break!! I can't believe how fast the time goes!

class outing// paseo

teacher teaching
horse head
upside down mold
Last week I went on a field trip with my manufacturing class to a metal casting manufacturer! The plan was to meet up with a friend from class (who happens to live less than a block a away) at 10 am giving us a half hour to get there and she would lead the way. I set my alarm for 9 am buuut for some reason at 10:05 I get woken up by a call from her asking where I was! What is it with me and being places on time... I don't get it! So starts heading to the train station and tells me the directions so I can meet them there. This was probably the fastest I've gotten ready in a long time haha and I run out the door to the station wearing of course a shirt and jacket that don't match... So the train system (Renfe) here is a bit confusing, there are no maps once you get underground! I don't understand why that is... so once there I had the security lady write down which trains would take me where I needed to go and get a call from my friend saying that she got on the wrong train! haha so she ended up coming back and we took the same train there.
The area by the factory was so different from Barcelona! There was open space and land and it felt so nice to see the sky everywhere! We walked up the street and see a group of our classmates and realize they were still outside!... only to realize they had been waiting just for us! haha o geez.