Saturday, February 20, 2010


I stumbled upon a first glimpse of the carnival celebrations here when we saw the cutest parade of school children all dressed up in homemade costumes, most likely organized at school.
There were peacocks, Sponge Bobs, even kids dressed as Mexicans, I laughed a lot.
sponge bob

These carnival celebrations are a huge tradition and in the surrounding areas there are even bigger and crazier parties that start Thursday and last until Tuesday! Tuesday is the end of the carnival and is supposed to be the biggest and best in a nearby town called Sitges. So of course we went, it had been raining for a couple days straight so we had our doubts about going but miraculously Tuesday evening the rain stopped and it was even a bit warmer than it had been. The 30 min train ride there was not your ordinary ride, it was full of people dancing singing and dressed in crazy costumes. Once we got there, there were lots and lots of people, a parade, music, and a beach with even more people and music! It was a great time, here are some pictures of the night. I was initially dressed as a duck, in a yellow poncho in case of rain, haha.

this is not your average train ride
im a duck
mexican costumes! haha
soo many people!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

crazy weather

last weekend:
this weekend:
In between days:
too many birds

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

finding things

I was woken up yesterday morning by a delivery of beautiful flowers : )
new friends
The other day Caitlin and I headed over to a market that sells all kinds of wonderful old things, but because I was late getting there everyone was packing up. We decided to walk around anyway and started noticing things on the ground that people were taking, old encyclopedias and papers and such so we some hesitation we started doing the same. I ended up with all of the stuff shown in the photos above, yes even a leather bag! The little white statue I made but the rest was found! The funny thing was we weren't expecting this at all! It was very exhilarating being amongst all of the old Spanish women and men who were prying through things with their sticks and canes and avoiding the talkative male vendors.
These are some drawings for a lighting project I'm working on! cute animals all the way

construction site

knock it down
On a walk to find food between classes I stumbled on this old building being torn down. I loved how you can see where each room was and the wallpaper patterns on the walls. I stopped to take some photos and my friend from Belgium was surprised that I had never seen anything like it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

craft night

Sometime last week I had some friends over for a craft night! Adina, a friend from Hungary, is a jewelry major and has been making these awesome bracelets with simple knotting techniques and taught us all her ways. It was a good night and I even made brownies from scratch for the first time!
ya simon's bracelet somehow was the best one
brownie cookies?
new headband

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy heart day

Hope everyone has a wonderful valentines day!!
Mucho love to all my family and friends back home

and to my sweet valentine,

I can't wait to go back to el farolito (the best tacos north of the border) with you