Saturday, July 24, 2010

OR booth and S'mores

bicyclefinally!all in a rowbirdiePlacing productsSign painting
The booth that has consumed the majority of my time at Alite is finally looking complete, the top photo is the most finished but we still have to place the products and make sure it all looks good before we take it all down to ship it and rebuild it in Utah! haha so it's still got a ways to go but I'm feeling more relaxed.

We have all caught sewing fever since our sewing class, I made a computer case and a simple circle scarf (yet to be pictured):
my new computer case!

We made s'mores during our weekly bbq today:
blue s'moresyuummyurban s'moresdolphins caught in the chocolate spill

I am also in the spring catalog! haha check it out:
picnic time!3 legged race!
Anyway looking forward to relaxing and hopefully seeing some sun this weekend! I'll let you know how it goes!

Monday, July 19, 2010

long monday

starting set up!in progressstrapsinteriorjuki
Some photos of what we've all been working on, the sign in the first photo was hand painted by a coworker! The photos following that are of the next steps of the show booth as well as my first prototype of the messenger bag I'm working on. It's tough on the industrial machines that move at super speed, but I'm finally get the hang of it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

peachespeach strawberry rhubarbpeachespie timeexploringSeme
I spotted some rhubarb at the grocery store the other day, remembering a delicious strawberry rhubarb pie I had once eaten, I bought a couple stocks. I finally remembered to get strawberries yesterday but didn't really have enough to fill the pie so added in some ripe peaches I had around and it turned into a delicious mix of summer fruits. Some photos from a small get together after work. We hung out for a bit at my friends newly moved into studio and headed on bikes over to north beach. The hill was huge going up so we walked but hadn't thought about how the steep the other side would be, it was steep but so so fun.

lunch break

green eyessavedthe hunt is onfaceSt Francislunch breeeakchocolate banana milkshaketamale parlorlots of mailnew plant!
A couple days ago we took a little break from work and walked over to the mission to grab some lunch. We ended up eating at St Francis, a cute little diner with the most amazing milkshakes! I ordered a chocolate one with fresh bananas! We walked over to a store that is owned by Christine's friend, there was some really cute stuff and lots of plants around. She offered my one after I kept asking about them because apparently they reproduce like crazy. Anyway it was a fun little break from work and a good day to be out in the sunny colorful mission.