Sunday, January 10, 2010

cold cold day

at the beach!
rough sand
It is so cold here... 45 degree highs are no fun, its snowing in Madrid! But it was the first day it was sunny so I headed over to the beach! haha And since it was Sunday and most stores don't open, there were a lot of people with the same idea. After that we headed to the Picasso museum and after some delicious tapas! It was so good, some patatas bravas and some others involving fish and salami and bread and olives? I have now tasted an olive that I enjoyed, theres a first time for everything! It was a lovely day.

So on another note I think Barcelona might have more dogs than San Francisco, its really funny seeing all the tiny pups with sweaters strutting along the city streets. I suppose it might be like seeing dogs being walked in New York City. I really want to start riding a bike here, and they have a cool rental system that I might have to try out.

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