Thursday, July 15, 2010


bluein progresstomatoeseggplantbasil
Waking up to blue skies and biking to work (with everyone else in the city) as well as finally getting the tomatoes and eggplants planted have made me a happy camper.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

outdoor adventures part 2

land's end
We went on an adventure to the end of the world
good thing there were lots of flowers thereIMG_9070IMG_9072 and wind! IMG_9076IMG_9078
and teepees
and orange moss
and lots of exploringIMG_9102
but not to the tourist beach... to the other one, down the tiny trail
underwaternew shoecliffrock in a rockE!nesttentacle

on our hike to find a way where?!

Monday, July 12, 2010

outdoor adventures part 1

workhop sfkittiedinnerkale chipsnectarinespiiieIMG_9033IMG_9035IMG_9036IMG_9037IMG_9038IMG_9040IMG_9041IMG_9049IMG_9050IMG_9057IMG_9061IMG_9064IMG_9065IMG_9046
A project of mine for Alite was to organize a sewing workshop for the team, and it finally happened! woo Let's see theeeen what happened... Webber came to chill and watch us cook some delicious food, grilled veggies and rice and a nectarine pie! Those nectarines were sooo sweet! Evan's friend came to visit so we took a road trip to the sun over the golden gate, saw house boats, took a nap in the sun while the boy showed off their skate moves then kept driving over that other bridge to oakland, had some orange apricot beers and some serious buffalo wings, finished and filled wine crates with soil to finally plant our garden! (more photos to come!) aaand check out part 2 of this weekend's adventures...