Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yesterday was so amazingly warm I coudn't believe it!! I was in a t-shirt! So of course I walked over to the beach during my 3 hour class break
beautiful day
burrito replacement
I took a durum kebab (my new replacement burrito) and enjoyed it on the beach. These kebabs are delicious I can't get enough of them, they are made with some sort of thinly sliced meat, lettuce, cabbage, onions, some veggie mix and three delicious sauces, one with lots of garlic, you can just imagine how lovely one would smell after eating them, haha but it's worth it, trust me.

On Saturday I went to a futbol game!!! Barca vs Malaga, Barca won of course but Malaga scored a goal too! It was really fun, I can't believe how insanely big the stadium is! Wow.
huge stadium


making candy
Papabubble is a cute little store that makes fresh candy everyday! They put tiny decorations on each piece. I've seen some that even have people's names spelled in them! I have no idea how it works but its awesome! and this store makes the whole street smell delicious!
This is a reminder that I need to go back to this coffee place... it looks delicious

nice day number 1

The other day I went on a long walk to the park then a new beach! here are some photos:
secret beach
beautiful light
orange stripesorange stripes
If I weren't a tree I would kiss you right now"If I weren't a tree I would kiss you right now"