Thursday, January 14, 2010


It was my roommates birthday a couple of days ago so I decided to bake some good old american chocolate chip cookies, my first step was to buy the ingredients of course so I headed over to the grocery store. I must have looked so lost in there haha I honestly went around the whole store about 10 times before sort of finding what I was looking for... Almost everything is in Catalan! How strange is that? I understood most of it but there were some things like brown sugar and chocolate chips that I couldn't seem to find. Eventually I got a hold of similar products that I figured would work.
The chocolate chips were funny little sprinkles chocolate chips?
and then when I opened the brown sugar it looked like raw cane sugar, but I decided to continue with the recipe because the box had said brown sugar. The dough looked fine and they baked well but then on first taste they ended up being very sweet and super crunchy! fideo chip cookies
Everyone still ate them haha but they weren't what I had expected...
I'll get the hang of it eventually...

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