Saturday, February 20, 2010


I stumbled upon a first glimpse of the carnival celebrations here when we saw the cutest parade of school children all dressed up in homemade costumes, most likely organized at school.
There were peacocks, Sponge Bobs, even kids dressed as Mexicans, I laughed a lot.
sponge bob

These carnival celebrations are a huge tradition and in the surrounding areas there are even bigger and crazier parties that start Thursday and last until Tuesday! Tuesday is the end of the carnival and is supposed to be the biggest and best in a nearby town called Sitges. So of course we went, it had been raining for a couple days straight so we had our doubts about going but miraculously Tuesday evening the rain stopped and it was even a bit warmer than it had been. The 30 min train ride there was not your ordinary ride, it was full of people dancing singing and dressed in crazy costumes. Once we got there, there were lots and lots of people, a parade, music, and a beach with even more people and music! It was a great time, here are some pictures of the night. I was initially dressed as a duck, in a yellow poncho in case of rain, haha.

this is not your average train ride
im a duck
mexican costumes! haha
soo many people!!

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