Wednesday, February 17, 2010

finding things

I was woken up yesterday morning by a delivery of beautiful flowers : )
new friends
The other day Caitlin and I headed over to a market that sells all kinds of wonderful old things, but because I was late getting there everyone was packing up. We decided to walk around anyway and started noticing things on the ground that people were taking, old encyclopedias and papers and such so we some hesitation we started doing the same. I ended up with all of the stuff shown in the photos above, yes even a leather bag! The little white statue I made but the rest was found! The funny thing was we weren't expecting this at all! It was very exhilarating being amongst all of the old Spanish women and men who were prying through things with their sticks and canes and avoiding the talkative male vendors.
These are some drawings for a lighting project I'm working on! cute animals all the way

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