Thursday, January 7, 2010

day one part two

day one

My apartment is nice and funky and my roommate and her boy are really sweet, she made us dinner/lunch and kind of oriented me on the map. After chatting a bit and getting to know each other I went to take a nap and they said they were going to go out to dinner so I stayed in bed, I was about turn the lights out to go to sleep when I decided to try and plug my 5 plug extension cord into the european converter thing so that I could put some christmas lights up, not thinking it was a big deal. Right when I plugged it in, it sparked and the lights in the whole flat went out!

So there I was alone with the lights out, I went to look for the fuse or something to fix it when I noticed that the door was unlocked, which wouldn't be a big deal except that my key doesn't lock the door from the inside, so I locked the door with the little chain thing and hoped that my roommate would get home soon so that I could be awake to let her in. But for now I was alone in the dark with the front door semi locked, and I couldn't go to bed until she got back... I waited and turned my computer on and realized that the internet was out with the power so I rested my eyes for a second and accidently fell asleep.

I don't know how long it had been but I woke up to lights on in the hallway and my roommate saying something about the door and I realized that I had failed my mission to stay awake. I apologized and told her what happened and she laughed and said it was no biggie and that we would fix my key tomorrow. phew...

This morning I woke up to a very dark room, naturally I thought it was probably pretty early but looked the clock and saw that it was 10:30! It was dark in the apartment and outside from the clouds and rain. But I had caught up on my sleep and felt so much better. I decided to walk around a bit maybe find my school even though I don't have to be there until 5. I took the metro and was surprised by how easy it is to understand. I made it to where I thought my school was and saw a building being remodeled... but that was the address they had given me. I had to ask someone and they told me it was just around the corner. Perfect I had found it. I walked around there a bit and realized I was definitely in an ancient city. It was amazing; the tiny streets and the alleys and how everyone was out walking even though it was rainy and cold, and the tiny cars, and the espresso bars everywhere, and how tall and open everything feels, and how everyone speaks Catalan, and how I can't seem to believe that I am actually here still.

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