Thursday, January 7, 2010

day one part one

So that was quite a trip... LAX at 4 am was way more awake than I expected but we were there with enough time to get everything set and even got lucky when I checked my bags because one of them was definitley heavier than 50 lbs but the woman helping us was to busy talking about Spain to notice, haha she even gave my mom a security checkpoint pass so that she could wait with me at the gate!

Finally I get on the plane to Chicago and after a couple hours of napping I woke up and it was almost time to land. I bought a sandwhich at the airport even though I wasn't too hungry thinking the airplane food would probably be terrible and it would be a long flight without any food. I was about to hand my ticket over to board the plane and I hear my name called from the desk so the I go to the desk and the woman takes my ticket and says you are upgraded to business class, happy new year! haha I smiled and head over to the other entrance for first class and business! Wow I still can't believe how awesome flying business is, right as I sat down they handed me a glass of champagne! The seats were huge and super comfy, they even gave us a bag of toiletries, including a toothbrush and toothpaste and even socks and lotion. It was sweeet and to top it all off the food was awesome.
They started out with a smoked salmon salad appetizer and then gave us a choice between ravioli, chicken, and steak, I chose the ravioli, pretty tasty and then to top it all off they gave us tiramisu for dessert! I tired to sleep once they turned the lights down but I kept waking up when they would come around to refill our water glasses haha. To top it all off before landing they served a small breakfast of fruit and a croissant, it was like they had read my mind. Anyway I made it to Frankfurt at 6:30 am their time and I was definitly not in the US anymore, all I heard was people speaking German, French, or Spanish, I was almost to Spain!

The flight from Frankfurt to Barcelona felt the longest, I just wanted to get off an airplane. Finally an hour and 45 minutes later we had landed in Barcelona! It was sunny and chilly but beautiful.

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