Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Finally here's a slideshow of my photos from Milan! Enjoy!
There are a lot of photos from inside the big convention center and from other exhibits as well as me wandering around exploring the city. The week was so fun, full of lots of cool looking furniture, lights, gallery openings, the Duomo! again and again, sleeping in a huge park with a castle, camping with furniture designers who decided we needed more chairs as well as another fire pit, finkbrau, learning Dutch, fancy McDonald's, parties in the streets, finally learning how to cook potatoes on the grill, Duur, churros, Lidl food, camping in the rain, getting a little delayed in travel, finding a hotel room with the cutest garden and sleeping amazingly, a long bus ride with a man behind us who smoked too much and needed to cover his mouth when he sneezed, and finally coming back to a Barcelona full of green trees!

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