Monday, March 29, 2010

long time no see

hi again,
hmm where to start... I have so many photos to show!
I guess first I'll show some photos of my jar project because I never did get around to posting about it, so here goes!
We all made 30 objects that would cost us 1 euro, so on the last day of class we all exchanged products! It was the best final ever. Here are some of my classmates products:
Some close ups of my Jarra project, I made 6 different kinds of inserts for the jars so that you could pick what you liked the most. Each one had a word on the front describing the function
One for a plant (planta):
A piggy bank (ahorra):
The backs all had a brief description of their function:
one for your pens, pencils, or scissors (lapiz):
one to hang your keys on and not forget them (recuerda), one to organize your jewelry (guarda), and one to display your photos (foto):

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  1. Angel girt. WOW you just amaze me ...France!! How fabulous, LOVE these BEAUTIFUL pic's, your art work and YOU!!!!! Tia